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Plans Review

Since November of 1995, and with only few specific exceptions, all construction documents submitted for projects regulated by the Ohio Building Code are required to be stamped by an architect or engineer registered in the State of Ohio. At least four sets of the plans submitted should have a title/index page embossed over signature and the remaining sheets stamped. Plans for One and Two-Family projects regulated by the Forest Park Building Code are not required to be stamped.
Plans, specifications, and other data submitted for plans review must be sufficiently complete to allow the plans reviewer to determine that the construction will comply with the minimum requirements established by the building, zoning, fire and other Ohio and Forest Park codes. The following items are among those considered in the plans review process. To the extent that the plans and other data submitted respond to these concerns, the plans review and permit issuance is expedited.
  1. Project Scope
    • Building construction type
    • Existing and/or proposed use of the building or space
    • Buildings area, height
    • Design occupant load for each use area
  2. Site Information
    • Site plan based on site plan by Ohio registered surveyor
    • Property lines, easements, utilities locations on site plan
    • Existing and proposed elevations, retaining walls
    • Setback and all other dimensions
    • Site access (walks, drives) and other site improvements
    • HANDICAP access is applicable
    • Details of all work within the right-of-way
    • Fire safety requirements (hydrants, fire lanes, etc.)
    • Ground slopes and surface water flow directions
  3. Structural Data
    • Design loads (soils bearing, snow, wind, dead, live, earthquake)
    • Soils report, if required (design bearing greater than presumptive 2000 PSF)
    • Footing/foundation details (depth, dimensions, reinforcement, drainage, venting, etc.)
    • Anchorage and fastening methods
    • Sections and details of all structural systems
  4. Building & Fire Safety
    • Means of egress
    • Exit signs and means of egress (lighting, backup power source)
    • Fire rating and structural members and fire separation assemblies
    • Fire stopping and draft stops
    • Door and window schedules
    • Interior finish materials schedule
    • Sprinkler. standpipe, or other suppression systems
    • Alarm, smoke control, or other special systems
  5. Building Service Equipment & Systems
    • Details of HVAC system
    • Kitchen hood/duct exhaust system (if applicable)
    • Electric and plumbing plans
    • Elevator and other building service equipment details
    • Listing data and manufacturer installation instructions for all equipment

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