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Special Exceptions


Special Exception is a class of land use in the Forest Park Zoning Code, as detailed in Appendix B. In the context of this Zoning Code, "Special Exceptions" are:

"...those uses which would ordinarily not be appropriate in a district without special restrictions. These uses may be permitted by the Planning Commission as provided in the Zoning Code. The control of such uses within a zone is necessary in order to promote and preserve the health, safety and general welfare of the public."

Applications for Special Exceptions are reviewed and approved by the Forest Park Planning Commission, which meets once a month on the second Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building.

Standards for Approval

Special Exceptions are reviewed according to the standards listed below. An application must meet all of the standards to be approved:

  1. The public's health, safety, morals, welfare, and interest, including but not exclusively, such factors as safety and traffic conditions, surrounding housing or property values, and the socio-economic impact on people working or living in the area surrounding the proposed development are not negatively impacted.

  2. The proposal must not create a nuisance caused by or increased by noise, litter, or lighting conditions, that cannot be controlled.

  3. The proposed development and attendant special exception must protect and preserve the character, attraction, and orderly development of the affected district.

  4. The proposal must not be incompatible with the surrounding area, and be an appropriate use as related thereto so as not to be economically, aesthetically, or environmentally detrimental or injurious to the surrounding area, or its workers or residents.

  5. Adequate public facilities and services, including, but not exclusively, existing or proposed plans for water, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer, must be available or can be created to serve the anticipated needs of the development, and whether the provisions of such public facilities and services is economically feasible or reasonable to the city and its citizens.

  6. The proposal must not to render the use of vacant land or the completion of proposed developments in the surrounding area unavailable or unlikely.


Applications are due on the Friday two weeks prior to the meeting date. Notice of the application and the public hearing is sent to the surrounding properties by mail, and the hearing notice is published in a newspaper (The Cincinnati Court Index, the Hilltop Press or the Cincinnati Enquirer).

During the public hearing, the Planning Commission will hear testimony from the applicant, as well as any other interested parties. Immediately following the close of the the public hearing, the Planning Commission holds a work session to review and discuss the proposal, and may have additional questions for the applicant. The regular (official) meeting of the Planning Commission begins after the work session.

Provided everything is in order with an application, the Planning Commission will hold their vote on the same night as the public hearing and work session.

Important: The applicant (or a representative who is familiar with the application) is required to attend the public hearing and workession. Applicants should be prepared to make a brief presentation summarizing the application and answer questions from the Planning Commission. 

Special Exception Uses with Supplemental Standards.

Certain land uses that are classified as Special Exceptions have additional standards beyond those outlined above. These land uses are:

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