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Community Recycling Drop-Off Sites

These recycling drop-off facilities are for the entire Greater Forest Park Area, not just for Forest Park residents. Basically they are for those who want to participate in recycling but do not have access to recycling services. These include:
  • Apartment Dwellers
  • Churches
  • Businesses
  • And anyone else who needs a recycling option
The City's NEWEST facility is located in the Forest Park Municipal Building parking lot.

1201 West Kemper Road
(The parking lot behind the Fire Station)


Recycling Drop-Off Sign

Recycling Drop-Off Site

 The above recycling drop-off site is one of five (5) sites located throughout the city of Forest Park.
They are also open for use everyday at all hours.
The other five locations are below.
Forest Chapel 680 West Sharon Road

Parking Lot

Family Dollar Store

2299 Waycross Road Closed
Due to Site Abuse

Winton Woods School District

  • WW Elementary School
1501 Kingsbury Drive

Parking Lot

  • WW Intermediate School
825 Waycross Road

Side Parking Lot

  • WW High School
1231 West Kemper Road

Parking Lot behind school



The following materials are acceptable in this drop-off program. They are exactly the same materials accepted in curbside recycling programs.
There is no need to separate them........just throw them all together into the dumpster.
  • ALL Plastic bottles and jugs
  • ALL glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminum and Steel cans
  • Cartons - soup, milk, soymilk, juice, broth, wine

  • Paper
Newspaper w/glossy insert
paper bags
office/computer paper
telephone books
junk mail,
paperboard (cereal/cookie boxes),
pizza boxes (no grease/food residue),
* corrugated cardboard (flatten)
The City asks all those who plan to use the facility to make sure to FLATTEN all cardboard boxes before putting them in the dumpsters. Unbroken boxes take up too much empty space and causes more frequent pickups, thus increasing the cost of the program.

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1201 West Kemper Road
Forest Park, OH 45240-1697
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