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Automobile Fluid Recycling

The USEPA estimates that over 200 millions gallons of used motor oil is improperly disposed of in this country every year.  That is more than 50 times the amount of oil released into the environment by accidental oil tanker spills around the world in 2000!  Most of this waste oil is poured on the ground, down a drain, or tossed in the garbage by "Do-It-Yourselfers" that change their own oil at home.  When improperly disposed of, this oil can contaminate soil and water, causing environmental damage and human health hazards.
Used motor oil and other automotive fluids can contain such contaminants as arsenic, cadmium, benzene, lead, magnesium, zinc, and chlorinated compounds. These hazardous substances can negatively impact the environment by polluting our soil and water.  The heavy metals found in waste oil can bioaccumulate in plant and wildlife, posing serious health risks to humans by poisoning the food chain. 
When automotive fluids are poured into the sewer system, they can damage wastewater treatment equipment and disrupt the sewage treatment process. 
Fortunately, with proper handling, automotive fluids are very recyclable.   They never wears out; it just becomes dirty and can be refined into new fluids.   Recycling used motor oil will extend our reserves of crude oil, which is a non-renewable resource.  This in turn can greatly decrease our dependence on foreign oil sources.   
Some tips for "Do-It-Yourselfers"
  • Be careful to properly use a drip pan to collect all the used oil and avoid spills.
  • Remove oil filter, drain excess oil, and recycle filter.
  • Pour the used oil into a clean, empty, plastic container with a tight lid.  This is true for all automotive fluids.  
    Do Not Mix With Any Other Substances.
  • Take the old oil to the nearest used oil collection location for recycling.
Used Motor Oil in the Environment
The Facts
  • It only takes 1 gal of motor oil to contaminate one million gallons of drinking water.
  •  Oil contaminants in tissues make the organism unfit for human consumption.
  •  It may take up to twenty years for an aquatic system to recover from an oil spill.
  • Concentrations of 50 to 100 ppm can disrupt sewage treatment processes.
  • One pint of oil released in a body of water can cause a slick the size of a football field.
oil recycling
Forest Park Locations
oil, anti-freeze, transmission
hydraulic fluids
Auto Zone
11540 Winton Road, Forest Park
No Cost
  • Used Oil (unlimited amount)
Must NOT mix fluids
with other substances!
Firestone Tire & Service Center
661 Northland Blvd., Forest Park
No Cost
  • Used Oil
  • Used Anti-Freeze
  • Used Transmission Fluid
  • Used Hydraulic Fluid
Must NOT mix fluids
with other substances!
O'Reilly Auto Parts
2280 Waycross Road, Forest Park
 No Cost
  • Used motor Oil (5 gallons max.)
  • Used transmission fluid
Must NOT mix fluids
with other substances!
Michel Tire Plus
11994 Chase Plaza Drive
No Cost
  • Used motor Oil (5 gallons max.)
  • Used transmission fluid
Must NOT mix fluids
with other substances!



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