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Stormwater Repair Grant

Stormwater Grant IconIn response to some residents experiencing stormwater problems, Forest Park has developed the Stormwater Repair Grant. this grant is open to homeowners with stormwater projects requiring exterior work in order to maintain or intercept the flow of water that ties directly into Forest Park's stormwater system and is the result of runoff from neighboring properties. 

Work may be completed by the homeowner or qualified contractor; however, homeowners cannot be reimbursed for their own labor or for labor of any family member. This program reimburses the homeowner for 50% or the repair costs incurred ($2000.00 maximum) following an inspection to certify that all work was completed in an acceptable manner that is supported by receipts and invoices.  Typical projects include cutting, clearing, or reestablishing drainage swales, erosion control, or installing catch basins and pipes. 

Installing sump pumps, replacing crushed or clogged drainage tile, fixing wet basements, landscaping projects, or projects associated with new construction are not eligible. 

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