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Pollution Prevention Program

You may not be aware that storm drains connect directly to nearby waterways and not to your wastewater treatment facilities. Everything that washes down a storm drain goes straight to your local lakes, rivers or streams. Each year unnecessary pollution enters our waters as people dump used motDrainage Swale After Repairsor oil, antifreeze and other wastes into storm sewers. Even pollution not directly dumped in the storm drain may run off the land and end up there. Rain or melting snow can wash soil, litter, fertilizers, pesticides, leaves, and grass clippings off of your pavement and into your storm drain. The storm drain then empties into local waterways causing pollution that may kill fish, increase weed and algae growth, and make your water unsafe for use.

In Forest Park, volunteers from the Environmental Awareness Program are gluing these attractive decals on storm drains to help residents to become more aware that improperly disposed of motor oil and anti-freeze and other pollution severely affects our environment.

Please report any pollution concerns or illegal dumping immediately to


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