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Uniformed Patrol & Traffic Safety

Uniformed Patrol
The Uniformed Patrol Division is the largest unit on the Department.  Patrol officers serve as the central resource for calls for services from serious emergencies to requests for information.   The Department has made significant strides in reducing crime and improving the quality of life in Forest Park.  
Patrol officers are available 24 hours every day.  They have a range of training, experience, and Neighborhood Patrolresources to successfully respond to calls of service that range from auto accidents and dogs at large to crimes in progress and lost children.   For non-emergencies, citizens are encouraged to call the Forest Park Police at 513-595-5220. 

The Department has a number of alternative patrol responses.  These include canine units, bicycle, and foot patrols. Off-duty officers also provide security for events for a fee. 

If you are interested in these issues or have questions regarding the Patrol Division or the services we provide, please call our non-emergency Forest Park Police number at 513-595-5220.
Traffic Safety
The mission of the Traffic Safety Division is to provide a higher quality of life for all who use our roadways.  The objective is to provide the maximum level of safety by actively working to save lives and reduce property damages.  The Traffic Safety Division takes an active role in listening to the concerns of our citizens by responding to their needs through traffic initiatives.  Examples of these initiatives include crash intersection mapping, school zone monitoring,  road-rage management control, the use of a speed display trailer and high incident auto accident areas.
Traffic safety affects not only the expected issues of auto accident reduction and speed, but quality of life issues as well.  Prom Promise, parking, junk cars, auto theft, theft from cars, repossessions, loud stereos, seat belt, and DUI enforcement are issues of safety for the community. 
bike patrolOvertime Parking
No vehicle can remain parked on a city street in excess of 72 hours without moving for at least 24 hours. The fine for this violation is $50.00. Excessive violations may result in the towing of the vehicle. To report violators, please call 513-595-5220.
Noise ordinance
The City of Forest Park restricts noise from motor vehicles in excess of 100 feet from the source. Noise from businesses or homes is 80 feet from the property line. The fine amount is $160.00 on the first offense.  To report excessive noise, please call the Hamilton County Communications dispatcher at 513.825-2280 or Forest Park Police at 513-595-5220.

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