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Solid Waste / Recycling Services

Solid Waste/Recycling Collection Contract


5-Year Contract Began October 1, 2018

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Offers great news for Forest Park Residents
One of the goals of the first 5-year Rumpke solid waste/recycling contract and our second 5-year Rumpke solid waste contract that expired in 2018 was to keep the solid waste collection rates, trash container rental fees and large item collection rates LESS THAN those rates in 2008, the date of our first contract.  Not only has the City accomplish this goal, the City is now extending this goal to include the next five years as well - to 2023.  That's 15 years without exceeding those rates and fees that were paid in 2008!  

Before 2008

  • Full Service—$18.81/month
  • Discounted Service—$16.60/month
  • Rumpke Trash Cans rental—$3.50/month
  • Large Item—$10/item


  • Full Service—$18.50/month
  • Discounted Service (Eco-Tier)—$13.50/month
  • Rumpke Trash Cans rental—$2/month
  • Large Item—$0 (1 item per week)
ONLY single and two family households are included
Two (2) solid waste/recycling collection options are available
1.   FULL SERVICE option
(New residents are automatically enrolled in this option)
  • Monthly collection fees - $18.50
  • Rumpke's 96-Gallon trash container rental fee - $2 
  • Large recycling container selection at NO COST 

    • 35-gallon green recycling tote (w/wheels and lid)
    • 65-gallon green recycling tote (w/wheels and lid)
    • 95-gallon green recycling tote (w/wheels and lid)


2.   ECO-TIER SERVICE option
      (Must Register)

Seniors and other residents who do not require FULL SERVICE and generate a minimal amount of solid waste and actively recycle can see their monthly fees shrink further. In addition to this reduced monthly rate, residents will receive a Rumpke trash container at no additional cost.
  • REDUCED monthly fees to ONLY $13.50/month
  • Choice of a 35-gallon or 65-gallon Rumpke trash container at NO RENTAL FEE.
  • Large recycling container selection at NO COST 
    • 35-gallon green recycling tote (w/wheels and lid)
    • 65-gallon green recycling tote (w/wheels and lid)
    • 95-gallon green recycling tote (w/wheels and lid) 


Weekly Trash Amounts - Not Unlimited Service
There is a weekly limit as to how much trash/garbage can be put on the curb each week.

Residents on "Full Service" can put out up to 190 gallons of trash per week.  If more is put out, it will not collect it.
Examples of the maximum amount of trash that can be put out each week:
1.  Two Rumpke 96-gallon trash container
2.  One Rumpke 96-gallon trash container and 5 garbage bags
3.  Six 35-gallon "personal" trash cans
4.  Ten garbage bags
       Please Note:  Rumpke 96-gallon trash containers can be rented for $2/month
Large Item Collection -  One (1) large item per week maximum

Large items are items over 75 lbs or can not fit in a trash container.  You must notify Rumpke at least 48 hours in advance of your weekly solid waste collection day if you are going to place a large item on the curb. Items containing Freon must still be drained by professionals with a "Freon Recovery Statement" attached before Rumpke will pick it up.

Special Large Item Preparations
•   Carpets

Cut carpet in strips 4 ft wide and roll into bundle (24 inches in diameter and tied)
1-5 rolls = 1 Large Item
•   Mattress and Boxsprings
Rumpke may ask you to wrap in large plastic bag (bed bugs)

Curbside Recycling Services - NO ADDITIONAL COST
      Collected the same day as your solid waste collection
•   Curbside Recycling Containers 
•   Acceptable Curbside Recycling Materials - an "up-to-date" listing of acceptable materials
•   Community Recycling Drop-Off Center - for residents who can not recycle curbside
    (apartments, churches, businesses, etc.)
•   Curbside Recycling Participation Survey - discover how your street compares with others     

       Please Note:  Rumpke recycling containers can be order at NO CHARGE to the resident.


Weekly Collection Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Where trash/recyclables are not collected. Remainder of the week will be delayed one day.
*  Christmas Day
*  New Years Day
Solid Waste Collection Billing - Once a month

Solid waste/recycling collection fees are included as a line item on your monthly Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) bill.  Therefore, if you have running water, you will get a solid waste bill along with your water bill.

Residents who own duplexes

Duplexes usually have two water meters (one for each side) with a separate water bill for each.  The original bills are mailed to the owner of the duplex.  The owner can request GCWW to send a copy of the bill to residents renting their units.

Residents who own a vacant house

If the water remains on, the owner will still receive a solid waste bill.  The only way a homeowner can avoid solid waste collection fees is to have the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) turn off the home's water.  If the homeowner needs to have the water on to show the home, contact GCWW and they will come out in a matter of days to turn the water back on. 


Important Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

  • Forest Park Environmental Program - 595-5263 or environment@forestpark.org
    Trash and recycling container orders; collection problems; billing questions, etc.

  • Rumpke - 742-2900
    Scheduling large item collection.

  • Rumpke - Refrigerant Recovery Statement
    Go to "Services" on the top of the page, click on "residential" and click on "FQA" on left side of the page.

  • Greater Cincinnati Water Works Customer Service - 591-7700
    For turning off/on water, changing name on the account, etc.

 Rumpke's General Terms and Conditions
What constitutes a standard trash/garbage container?  What types of materials can not, by law, be collected by Rumpke?  How do holidays affect Rumpke's weekly collection schedule?  These are some of the questions that are answered in their General Terms and Conditions and Curbside Guidelines.
Rumpke's "Appliances Containing Freon" Policy
Freon must be removed by a certified professional before placing the item on the curb.  The professional will attach a sticker signifying that the Freon has been removed.  If Rumpke is picking up the appliance, they request that you complete a "Refrigerant Recovery Statement" form (link in middle of page) and attach it to the appliance (put in a plastic bag in case it might rain) when you place it on the curb.  

Rumpke's Yardwaste Collection Requirements
Rumpke will collect yardwaste according to the following requirements.
Limbs and branches
  • Limbs and branches no longer than 4 feet in length
  • Limbs and branches must be tied in bundles no larger than 12 inches in diameter
  • Each bundle is the equilvalent to one "garbage" bag (see "Weekly Trash Amounts" above)

Bags of leaves
  • Place bags of leaves beside trash containers
  • Bags can be either paper or plastic
  • Leaves will be landfilled and not composted 
  • Each bag is the equivalent to one "garbage" bag (see "Weekly Trash Amounts" above)

Hauling Services

For those whose weekly trash service is not enough!
These companies remove large amounts of materials and debris from house or business.


Local Alternative Collection Services


Functions and Services

Local Tire Dealerships
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