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Past & Present Community Programs

Present Community Programs
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Rain Barrel  

Seminars - Compost Bin and Rain Barrel

Every other year we sponsor a workshop focusing on composting and water conservation.  Expert speakers and presentations are provided along with a 75% SUBSIDY towards the purchase of a compost bin and/or rain barrel.

Forest Park and Greenhills residents are eligible for this opportunity.

There are no income requirements associated with the subsidy.



Nature Day Camps

Even though kids are out of school for the summer, environmental education should not stop!  Our Program provides a 50% SUBSIDY to help kids attend day camps sponsored by the Cincinnati Zoo and the Great Parks of Hamilton County.

Forest Park and Greenhills residents are eligible for this opportunity.

There are no income requirements associated with the subsidy.

  Nature Day Camp

father daughter planting tree  

"Reforesting" Forest Park Program

Due to insect and disease infestations, the greater Forest Park area is losing many of their trees.  To blunt this urban deforestation, our Program is providing a 75% SUBSIDY on  four different variety of trees each year.

There are no income requirements for this opportunity.

This program is expected to continue for many years.


Solid Waste/Recycling Collection Program
In 2008, the City of Forest Park awarded a contract to Rumpke to  service single and duel family households.  The contract reduced quarterly solid waste fees while also reducing Rumpke's 96-gallon trash wastewheeler monthly rental fees, eliminating large item fees, and providing a larger recycling container for no extra cost.
A new level of collection service was specially developed for those households that generated less solid waste and actively recycle.
For more information - ECO-Tier.

Rumpke Truck



Residential Energy Efficiency Program
Partnerships with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance and People Working Cooperatively (PWC) provides substantial subsidies to residents for home energy assessments (energy audits), energy retrofits and other "quality of life" issues.  These subsidies are used to help pay for:    
  • Improved air sealing and increased insulation
  • New HVAC systems, heat pumps and water heaters
  • Ceiling fans
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Hand railings
  • Electrical and plumbing issues

Winton Woods Cleanup

This "rain or shine" annual event is held in mid-April and is co-sponsored with the Hamilton County Park District.  This park cleanup averages over 300 volunteers who pick up approximately six tons of trash each year. Over the last 25 years, the cleanup has totaled over 7,500 volunteers who have collected approximately 138 tons of litter and debris. Volunteers are treated to lunch and prizes.
Click Cleanup for more information and schedule.  



xmas tree


Christmas Tree Drop-Off Program

Residents can drop off their trees at Kemper Meadow Park during the 2 week time frame.  Collected trees are then chipped by City workers and used as mulch.  Over 5,200 trees have been chipped over the life of this program. 

Community Recycling Programs

Forest Park residents have many recycling opportunities available to them. They include home curbside collection programs, City "drop-off" collection sites, and business "take-back" recycling programs. 
For additional community recycling information, visit our Recycling Opportunity webpage.

Recycling Drop-Off Site


office recycling


Business and School Recycling

Information and assistance is provided to all businesses, organizations and institutions that are interested in developing recycling programs.



Backyard Composting

When and wherever needed, we provide composting information, composting bins (when available), composting seminars and personal home visits to interested residents.  Composting is a great way at reducing yard and home wastes.

City-wide Yard Sale

This city-wide event occurs the first Saturday in May.  It focuses on the first two of the 3 Rs - Reduce & Reuse.   Resident sale locations are registered and then promoted through newspaper ads, bulletin boards, city maps w/street locations, and through the internet.  Over 100 homes annually participate. 



Appliance Recycling (with and without Freon)

Throughout the summer months, residents can call our office to schedule an appliance pickup.  Appliances are collected, drained and recycled by a contracted professional.  For more information, please visit our Appliance Recycling web page.  

Used Tire Recycling
Usually held in mid-September, Forest Park and Greenhills residents can bring their used tires to our designated site where they will be collected. All tires will be then recycled for civil engineering purposes or into playground cover.

tire recycling

bin giveaway


Recycling Bin Give-Away

Curbside recycling bins are distributed throughout the year.  Three types of recycling bins are available at no additional cost.
  •   18-gal red recycling bin (pictured) 
  •   35-gal recycling tote w/wheels and lid 
  •   65-gal recycling tote w/wheels and lid
 Visit our "curbside acceptable material" webpage. 


 Past Community Events
(Some oldies but goodies!)



National DEA Drug Take-Back Days
The City was just one of many sites that participate in this prescription drug abuse prevention program.  On a designated Saturday, the Police Dept. accepted all types of drugs over a 4 hour period.  Beginning in 2012 and continuing through 2014, six drop-off event collected 1,061 pounds of prescription drugs.
Permanent drop-off sites have now been established.


Recycling Rewards Program

Five households were randomly chosen each month to see if they were participating in the City's curbside recycling program.  If they were, they would win $100 worth of valuable gift cards.  In 2003 and 2004, over 100 lucky residents won and $10,000 worth of gift cards were distributed.

  recycling rewards


Household Hazardous Material (HHW) Collection Drives
Sponsored by the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste Management District and hosted by the City of Forest Park, this event was held every two or three years at the Winton Woods High School.  



Stormdrain Stenciling
Co-sponsored with the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District, volunteers walk through sections of the city stenciling stormdrains with the message, "Don't Dump Waste, Drains to Lake."  Stencils were later replaced with glued decals.
The program emphasizes the importance of not disposing oil down stormdrains.




Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program

Another program sponsored by the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste Management District and hosted by the City of Forest Park.  Hamilton County residents were encouraged to bring their mercury "fever" thermometers to designated sites where they could exchange them, at no cost, for digital thermometers.  The collected mercury was either reprocessed for industrial use or properly disposed of through environmental companies.



.gas cap

Gas Cap Testing
and Replacement
Residents had their gas caps tested for leaks. If the cap leaked, a replacement gas cap was provided at no charge to the resident.
For every leaking gas cap, 1/2 pounds of pollution is released daily.

Mulching Mower Program
Co-sponsored with West Chester Lawn and Garden, both gas and battery operated mulching mowers were distributed to qualified participants.  Participants used them for a two-month trial period after which they could purchase them at discount prices.
In the four years of implementation, over 80 gas-operated and battery-powered mulching mowers were distributed.

Mulching Mower

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