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The Forest Park Police Department is located at 1203 W. Kemper Road, Forest Park, Ohio 45240 and was established on October 1, 1961. The Department has 36 full-time sworn police officers, 4 dispatchers, a Mayor's Court Clerk, civilian secretary, and a part-time crime scene specialist.
A number of your officers grew up in Forest Park and have returned to serve on the department. Your police employees are a dynamic group of committed public servants who have an array of talents and expertise to address public safety issues in our city.
The department and its employees have received local, state and national recognition for community policing and crime prevention initiatives. Ten Officers have received the prestigious Hamilton County Police Association's Officer of the Year Award. Employees have graduated from local, state and national training institutes.
The motorcycledepartment has a host of assignments to help in enhancing our relationship with the community. These include Detectives,  Canine Unit, Bicycle Officers, School Resource Officer,  Crime Scene Investigators, Drug Agent, SWAT, Forensic Specialist, State Certified Training Instructors, Certified Crime Prevention Specialists, Traffic Accident Investigators, Field Training Officers, Honor Guard, Mayor's Court Clerk, Voice Stress Analysts and Dispatchers. Training is an important facet of the professional development of our employees.
Two very experienced police executives lead the Forest Park Police Department. Chief William Arns and Assistant Police Chief Richard Jones.  The Chief is a graduate of Northwest School of Staff and Command and Ohio's Police Executive Leadership College. Colonel Arns has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career.  Captain Jones is a graduate of the the FBI's National Academy and Ohio's Police Executive Leadership College. 
Ms. Michelle Hawkins serves as the secretary to Chief Arns and Captain Jones. Michelle joined the Police Department staff in 1995 as a clerk/dispatcher and transferred to secretary in 2005. 
The Quality of Life and its incumbent responses to reported crime is related to the department's mission statement, our core values, motto and vision statement. The department's outreach programs and projects include;  Clergy Association, Citizens on Patrol, School Resource Officer, Bicycle Patrol, Vacation checks, Crime Alert Meetings, and Traffic Safety. Each of these contribute to reductions in crime and the fear of crime.
Forest Park is a thriving, safe community because each of us share responsibility for what our community is. There is value in the collaborative effort to keep our city clean and safe. There is value in ensuring that property values remain constant, in keeping residents in our community, enjoying a healthy business relationship, in maintaining our wild life and natural scenery. The goal of reductions in crime and the fear of crime reflects a dedication to maintaining a partnership, a joint effort united in a common cause, to make Forest Park a great place to live, work and play. As your police department we are proud to be a contributing partner in such a worthy cause.
The Staff Services Bureau is the Staff Support Division of the Forest Park Police Department. Lt. James Ward is the Commander of the Staff Services Bureau. Lt. Ward is a graduate of the Certified Law Enforcement Executive program. Areas of responsibilities consist of the Forest Park City Jail, Police Facility, Police Clerk/Dispatchers and the Forest Park Mayor's Court. Personnel within the Bureau include 5 full-time police clerk/dispatchers and the Mayor's Court Coordinator.

The Police Clerks/Dispatchers conduct a variety of tasks. They are responsible for monitoring prisoners and handling all incoming, non-emergency telephone calls to the Police Department. Additional tasks include providing non-emergency police dispatching services to the community and assisting officers in processing paperwork, confirming warrants and data entry. The clerk/dispatchers must enter into a computer base all reported criminal offenses, citations and auto accidents. Information is forwarded to State agencies and courts.

The Forest Park City Jail is considered a temporary holding facility. It consists of 4 jail cells. Prisoners are not held more than 6 hours in the facility. Prisoners are either released from the facility, transferred to another agency or transported to the Hamilton County Jail. The Facility must pass yearly Fire and Board of Health Inspections.

The Forest Park Police Department is located at 1203 W. Kemper Road, Forest Park, Ohio 45240. To contact a Police Officer or to speak to a Police Clerk/Dispatcher, citizens may call the Forest Park Police Department at 513-595-5220.

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