Business Permitting Information

Permits for...
Issued By Phone
Taps to the public water supply Cincinnati Water Works (CWW) 591-7833
Taps to the public sanitary sewer system Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) 352-4865
Building plumbing installations and alterations Hamilton County Health Department, Plumbing Inspection Division 326-4500
Stormwater improvements City of Forest Park Stormwater Utility 595-5257
Building Electrical installations and alterations Inspection Bureau Incorporated (IBI) 381-6080

While the City of Cincinnati, and to some extent the Hamilton County, Building Department accepts applications for all of those agencies at one location, the Forest Park Building Department (along with the other jurisdictions in Hamilton County) does not have the data processing capability to provide the one step service.
Although permits may be issued for the entire project (with the exceptions above and for signs), it is often more convenient to issue partial and/or separate permits for the various building components, including foundations, in order to accommodate fast track construction, partial approvals, or applicant preference. Under Ohio law, plans may be approved without comment, approved with conditions (to require further data/details or minor changes/additions not indicated on the plans), approved for partial permit (foundation, shell, HVAC, sprinkler, alarm, etc.), or rejected. Rejections and approvals with conditions may be appealed.
Generally, all exterior work must be completed within six months of the date of permit issuance. However, extensions may be granted in special circumstances. If any work is delayed without inspection for more than six months, a permit is revoked unless application for extension is made, again in the case of special circumstances.